*"Corn-nori"of our company was introduced to Nikkei evening paper of March 27.

"Gunkan-maki" has popularity in a sushi store. The dried
seaweed used for "Gunkan-maki" needs to be strong by
humidity. The common dried seaweed will become wet with
moisture of a sushi meal in about 2 hours. However, since
our "Corn-nori" has applied plant oil to the surface, it flips
moisture. Our company develops the plant oil of materials
jointly with a major-company maker. Since the plant oil of
the origin of the name of "Corn-nori" is materials. We
devised to no-odor-izing and adhesive prevention of oil.
Under depression, we made development of a new product
necessary and were successful. Now, it is the representation
product of our company. Moreover, we began to sell the
dried seaweed seasoned with salt or Tang mustard to the
major-company convenience store. Our company is going
to increase the variation of the seasoned dried seaweed
also from now on.

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*Our company was introduced to Sankei newspaper of April 12.

The demand of the dried seaweed for gift is decreasing.
It is because Japanese eating habits were diversified.
Consumption of the dried seaweed decreases inevitably.
We shifted sale from home use to business under such
a situation. Small-scale our company acquired the process
patent, and extended the market all over the country.
Consumption of the dried seaweed has stagnated.
However, the demand of the goods for business which
our company treats is improving.

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